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Africa in Chelsea

What a pleasant surprise to find African art in the Chelsea art show exhibition. Held early in June at Chelsea old town hall. Completely unexpectedly There were quite a few African artists as well as people of other cultural origins expressing their artistic side from an African influence or experience.

Felicity Prazak originally from Australia and now lives in London exhibited images she had painted from her experience in Libya, north Africa. The story of her witnessing women selling gold on the street was intriguing to hear as they were not allowed to do that, so Felicity changed the image from gold to cooking. Another of her pieces shown below was an image she created in Egypt, a unique perspective of a woman in Egypt viewed by a woman of Australian origin. Art is special in that whatever the artists impression the audience can decide for themselves how it speaks to them.

How does the image speak to you?

Felicity Prazak is an author and was selling her books that speak of her great efforts in seeking justice following the death of her beloved husband. Both books can be purchased on amazon.

The books were placed by the beautifully designed cards that were the best sellers for the crowd at the show. Visit Felicity's site for more artwork available to buy.

Inspired by ancient San Rock art and Africa's diversity we discovered Sean Caulfield represented at the exhibition by his father Alan Caulfield. Oil Oxide paintings on resin rock medium was a particularly unique concept that strikingly draws you into the images.

Sean was born in England and now lives in South Africa where he houses his art in his own gallery love Africa. Please visit Sean's website to view more of his works:

Following an extensive study of the Bushmen or San people of the Kalahari, South Africa, one of 14 ancestral population clusters, Sean reproduced many of the original paintings in addition to his own stylized work.

That's all for now from the Pan African Book Foundation on the blog. Until next time do let us know in your comments, your views on the artwork and any gems you might find of Africa.

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