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Celebration of Africa 2018


Highlights from our celebration 2018

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Live Performance from the UK Ghana Methodist Fellowship Choir

It's story time with Steve Barbe

Tony B Happy Drums live workshop ft. members of the Westbridge choir

Our honoured guest the Mayor of

Wandsworth Councillor Piers McCausland shares somw words reminding us of the historical significance of the Battersea Arts Centre which was the old town hall that voted in the first Mayor of African origin John Richard Archer

Mayor of Wandsworth Speech
Mayor of Wandsworth with Asi Munisi

The Mayor allows new arrivals to purchase their tickets for their chance to win in the raffle

Mayor of Wandsworth draws the raffle

Mayor of Wandsworth draws the winning tickets with assistance from our hosts Tinkez & Joshua Munisi

Mayor of Wandsworth congratulates

Mayor of Wandsworth congratulates our first winner!

Mayor of Wandsworth draws

More winners are drawn

Mayor of Wandsworth announces

Mayor of Wandsworth announces more winners with the continued assistance from Tinkez & Joshua Munisi