Celebration of Africa 2017!


Our celebration of Africa 2017 took place on Saturday 14th October returning to the Battersea Arts centre. We are extremely grateful to the arts centre for opening its doors once again and welcoming us to celebrate Africa during African History month. Check out the pictures and re live the experience or see what you missed. Amazing stalls, delicious food and inspiring performances. 

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Broadway Nursery & Primary School in Uganda

 Teachers help children to read books donated

from us at PABF.

Ufumbo School  Project








Help us to increase the books in the library, so children can have more access to a wide range of literature. 


The children can now write stories of their own.

Books are a great source of learning and reading  is a brilliant form of excercise for the brain. Help us to continue to get books to the children, many of whom are orphans. We especially want to get the textbooks to help children prepare for their summer exams by the end of February 2016. Just click on the donate button below to make a donation