The mission of the Pan African Book Foundation, is to enhance the quality and standard of education in African rural schools and to promote works of African origin.


The idea for such a body was first mooted in 1976, founded by Shadrack Munisi. The Pan African Book Foundation started off as a committee for the organisation of the African studies library which aimed to: ‘collect under one roof all publications written by African people, which would include works written by people of African origin and also others.

      The Most Reverend

        Desmond Tutu
   Patron of  the Pan African

        Book Foundation


The foundation was granted UK charitable status in 1990 and extended its ambit to include the simulation of literary development distributing books to local schools in Africa.

In 2012 Asi Munisi officially took over from her Father the founder as a result of his decline in health. The charity has further extended the work of the foundation to promote and celebrate African culture.    

                                           Registered Charity Number

Shadrack Munisi
October 1938 - September 2015
  Founder of the Pan African Book