Celebration of Africa 2019

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Live Performance Schedule

13:00: Tinkez our host will kick off our live performances with one of his afro beat tracks before introducing the Sound Minds Reggae Band who will play some reggae tunes for all to enjoy

14:05: Dance hall reggae artist Ozzie Ricco will bless us with a couple of his tunes


14:30: Fee Uhsi will present her latest African print fashions

15:00: Remi Kapo will speak of his saga of slavery book 'Reap the forgotten harvest'

15:30: The Westbridge Choir will perform some African spirituals, followed by a few words from our supporters Battersea United Charities

16:00: An opportunity to get involved in some live storytelling with Steve Barbe

16:30: Stolen will grace us with some soulful tunes acoustic style

16:50: The Mayor of Wandsworth will present a speech followed by the drawing of the raffle

17:05: Edutainment rap artist Kimba will perform his music 4 causes tracks

17:30: Tinkez will close the show.